How to create and send wholesale invoices?

If you need to issue customized invoices for your each customer, you can use this wholesale invoicing feature. You can fully customize each invoice including products and prices. You can even add products even if they are not listed on your store. Wholesale Invoices feature of Easy Invoice+ will help you to get paid in seconds with most popular online payment gateways of your choice. If you would like to get paid through your own store without using an external payment gateway, you can click here use pro forma invoicing feature.

1. Open Easy Invoice+ from Apps section of your Shopify store or go directly to

2. Click “Invoices” submenu under “Wholesale Invoices”.

3. Create new wholesale invoice by clicking “Create Wholesale Invoice”

Create New Wholesale Invoice
Create New Wholesale Invoice

4. Choose the Wholesale Invoice template you want to use and click on “Select Template” button.

Select Wholesale Invoice Template

5. If it is your first time of creating a Wholesale Invoice, you should upload your own logo.

Wholesale Invoices – Upload Your Logo

6. Change your company information and add notes for your customers. All text fields are editable. You can edit or translate it to your own language directly by clicking on it. It is also possible to remove the note, just click on the text area and delete the text.

Wholesale Invoices – Company Information and Note Field

7. Add your customer information to “Shipping Details”, “Billing Details” and “Customer Details” fields. As you type letters, your customers will load automatically. Just click on the checkbox to add your customer.

Wholesale Invoices – Customer Details

8. It is also possible to hide “Shipping Details”, “Billing Details” or “Customer Details” fields.

Wholesale Invoices – Billing, Shipping and Customer Details

9. Click on the “Search Products” input to search and add products to your invoice. As you type letters, your products will load automatically. Click “+ Add” button to add your products.

Wholesale Invoices – Add Existing Product

10. You can change product quantity, tax, and shipping information of your products. Calculations will be done automatically.

11. It is also possible to add new products even if they are not listed on your store. Click “Add Custom Product” button at the bottom.

Wholesale Invoices – Add Custom Product

12. 11. Type your invoice number by clicking on the hashtag.

13. Select your Issue Date and Due Date for to finalize the minimum settings for your Wholesale Invoice.

Wholesale Invoices – Issue Date and Due Date

Issue Date : The date on which your invoice is prepared and sent to your customer.

Due Date : The date by which your invoice payment must be paid in order not to be late. This date can not be earlier than Issue Date.

14. Save your Wholesale Invoice in order to send it to your customer. After you save it, click “Back To Wholesale Invoice Templates” button.

Save Wholesale Invoice

15. Now you can send it to the customer. Click on the “Mail” icon.

Send Wholesale Invoice

16. A dialog box will open. Select whom do you want to send it. You can send it to your existing customer or you can send it to someone else.

Whom to Send Wholesale Invoice