How to configure mail settings for wholesale invoices?

You can learn how to change your mail settings for wholesale invoices. You can configure mail delivery options and mail content according to your store.

1. Open Easy Invoice+ from Apps section of your Shopify store or go directly to

2. Click “Settings” submenu under “Wholesale Invoices”.

Wholesale Invoices Mail Settings Page

Invoice e-mail subject : You can set your mail subject here. For example; Wholesale invoice from “Your Store Name”.

Invoice e-mail alias : You can set your store contact mail as e-mail alias. All wholesale emails will be delivered from this mail address.

Send a copy of the invoice to this mail address : When you send an invoice to your customer, you can also send a copy to specific e-mail addresses. If you would like to send more than one e-mail address, just use comma separated e-mail addresses.,

Mail content : You can change the example mail content here. When you send an invoice to your customers, they will be able to download their invoices through a link. You can link different words with using {{checkout_page_url}} variable as an anchor link.

<a href=”{{checkout_page_url}}”>Download</a> You can replace “Download” word as you wish in source code view.

You can always reach our support team for using anchor link.