How to view wholesale payments?

You can learn how to track your wholesale payments after you send an invoice to your customers.

1. Open Easy Invoice+ from Apps section of your Shopify store or go directly to

2. Click “Orders” submenu under “Wholesale Invoices”.

You can view and filter all your payments on this page.

Wholesale Invoices – Received Orders Page

Transaction Id : We use external payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to process your wholesale invoices. These payment gateways issues a unique transaction ID to uniquely identify and refer to your transaction whenever your customers make a payment. So you can track your orders according to this unique id.

Customer Name : You can search according to your customer name.

Invoice Number : You can search according to your invoice number. Invoice number is something you set it while creating an invoice.

Payment Type : You can search according to payment type.

Customer Email : You can search according to your customer’s email address.

Created Date : You can search according to the creation date of your wholesale invoices.